"Bravo, you have style," January 7th. Monster scandal. Crow reproaches – update

adminJanuary 9, 2019

"Bravo, your style" continues Monday night with a new edition and a new lawyer.

BRAVO, AI STIL, January 7, 2019. In the Monday edition of "Bravo, ai style!" Broadcast on Channel D, Christina Ich, nicknamed Angelina Jolie in Romania, joins the jury this week.

BRAVO, AI STIL, January 7, 2019. A monster scandal ran between Alexandra and Bianca, the claims not being shown. Alexandra vehemently refused all the charges brought to her.

BRAVO, AI STIL, January 7, 2019. After expressing her views on jurors, Alexandra is applauded by them, Christina Ich gives compliments that overcomes the competitor. "God, Alexandra! You're cute!" Says Christina Ich.

BRAVO, AI STIL, January 7, 2019. For the whole moment you will be able to see it in tonight's edition of the show "Bravo, you have style!".

UPDATE: Biancai was not appreciated by jury members. The only one he liked was Raluca Bădulescu, who also gave him a star. "I wouldn't go anymore if I were your lover. I mean, I'll leave you with your carpet and so on. I want to say I'm tired, tomorrow I have to go to the office. I don't even know what to say "I don't want to be bad. The last time the people from home told me I was arrogant, I'm not arrogant. I've always hated this Kardashian style with these pants and underwear, I can't support it. I mean, that's something puzzle me. That jacket I don't like. I don't like your look today, "Christina Ich told her.

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