"Boycott" claims by Cem Yilmaz Karakomic series about the history of the vision series – Culture and Art

adminDecember 27, 2018

Hurriyet author Cengiz SemercioğluDedi Movie Producers and Hall Operators, especially the Mars Group, have joined each other., The filmmakers say their rights are not given and that ticket prices are constantly increasing with promotions. Semercioglu, Cem Yilmaz and Shahan Gokbakar name as a boycott on this decision, he suggested.

Player, producer and comedian Cem YılmazToday, the social media account said Twitter "Evasive and 2-in-a-minute" and 60-minute stories with independent stories about the Karakomik series. Films lasting for 6 months last today, he said. Yilmaz shared the poster of the movie, thanked team friends Yilmaz, "Work is the most fair way to meet the audience I'm waiting for the day. The movie is yours, the movie is yours.

Yilmaz, for the film's story of the movie "If you ask the nearest cinema room will give you history," he wrote.

Yilmaz announced earlier that the film will be released in January.

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