Both in high season color: But this time Kate repeated on Meghan

adminNovember 28, 2018

You do not need to know the fashion trends in the fall or winter of the year – just watch the famous women dress up. Prince Kate and Meghan's wives are sitting in the streets one day in shades of dark red, quite bordo-wine, which is the top color of the fall. Was it a coincidence?

Elegance, energy, self-esteem

The red color and shades are considered a very energetic warm color, which gives sex, self-esteem and a desire to act. In sharper shades, it's a big hit this season, as confirmed by Duchess Kate and Meghan. Clothing in red shades. Whether they agreed or not, they showed up the same day, although each at another event.

One in the kitchen, the other at the university

Meghan visited Hubb Community Kitchento see what impact the community kitchen had on the money brought by the recently published cookbook Together: Our Community Cookbook. This book helped to put together. The kitchen in West London has undergone a complete reconstruction and can be opened for up to seven days a week. Kate showed that she was still active: She visited University College London to learn more about brain development in babies.

Haircut from Meghan

Kate dressed in a running suit with a dark cloth She looked greatly surprised at the haircut. It is known to her that she does not like wearing hairstyles made of hair, it has been dissolved with minimal decoration – if necessary. On the day when both appeared in black, the hair was tailored, just like Meghan worn regularly. What's next chance?

Shades of red can not be absent

If you are thinking of shrugging your wardrobe – you already know what color to pay for. Wine red or bordo in combination with black work very elegant and brilliant. If you want to shop relaxed, but like a dragon, you can choose a more shade. But remember that men looking at a woman dressed in red can very easily stop the brain …

Check out the photo gallery on outfit for both ladies as you like more?

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