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adminNovember 19, 2018

Charlotte Flair left Ronda Rousey stretched out after her brutal fight in "Survivor Series", but what we have learned EXCLUSIVELY, the reaction of the crowd to her beating is what really left her "bruised".

Sticks and kendo stones will break. Round rouseyThe bones, but the WWE Universe booing her … really hurt her. The fans apparently turned against Ronda during their match of Survivor Series with Charlotte Flair, 32, on November 18, especially after Charlotte was a complete villain. However, being hit an inch from his life was not the worst thing that could happen to him that night. "Ronda was more disappointed by the reaction she had at the Staples Center than by the beating she received," said a source close to Ronda EXCLUSIVELY. "People booed him and the songs of" Thanks to you Charlotte "sounded after being attacked and that bothered Ronda, in fact, it made Ronda cry not only by the air but also by the back".

"She agrees to take on the extra beatings because for her," says the source., "It shows the other girls in the locker room that she is in the WWE in the long term and this is not a temporary job." She feels last night that she is a tough person and will continue to work hard and make everyone proud. Her ego is the most bruised right now because she thought people were going to feel sympathy for her and that did not happen, the crowd basically turned her back on her, and she's more upset about that. "

"She will address her true feelings tonight," the source said, indicating the next episode of Monday night raw. The WWE flagship show will air from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, the same location as Survivor Series. During the program, the transmission in the US network. UU At 8 pm ET / 7 pm CT, you will probably see Ronda "attacking the audience," the insider adds. Ronda is ready to share her "disapproval of how she was treated, for Ronda, the wounds heal, the emotions take a little longer."

To be honest, the chances that Ronda would get a sympathetic reaction from the WWE Universe. The initial match was Round against the current female champion of SmackDown. Becky Lynch, 31. Becky was taken out of the game after suffering a concussion less than a week before the Survivor Series. However, if the match had passed, the crowd would have been behind Becky.

Although she has become a villain, Becky is still a fan favorite. She became evil (heel) in SummerSlam, attacking Charlotte, her best friend, not because of the shock of the crowd, but because of the applause. The WWE fan base is quite "Ride or Die" with Becky, so every time you ambush the entire RAW wardrobe or steal the slogan of the Charlotte family to be called "The Man", fans continue to cheer her up.

"[The] They have supported me all the time, they said. Lilian Garcia'S Chasing the glory podcast, by "They've put me in the position of winning, sometimes you know, and even when we talk about the first Smackdown Women's Champion, the crowd wanted me to be the Champion, so they dictate a lot."

In the case of Survivor Series, they dictated that they would love Charlotte more than Ronda. How will she respond? Better tune Raw discover.

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