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Great atmosphere for driving in Manizales which again fills the lines. The poster with Ferrera, Castella and Bolivar fighting the bulls by Juan Bernardo Caicedo was very well received.
The turret opened a beautiful bull that allowed Bullfighter Badajoz to receive the first ovations to launch with Capote curtly. His task with the crutch was a treat of slow and harmonious bullfights, unfortunately without completing the sword effectively. Palmas.

The other for Castella a chestnut eye with patrol, beautiful by the producers came with a good rush to the Frenchman's crutch. The series in round, which cited a long time, had feelings for half of the task, when the bull decided to stand firm. A full hitch was enough to send him to destazadero. Many palm trees.

Luis Bolivar goes through a good moment, this is what he demonstrated with his first – another filthy soap maker – to whom he met beautiful veronicas, hailed with strong oils. Very technical task for both pythons based on delivery, unfortunately with no luck at the time of murder. Ovacion

The party's party has prevented the victory of Ferrera in his second, the bull being deactivated in the banderillas, so he had to kill him at the beginning of work not to have changed before. Great for the president.

He followed the bullfight with gafe in the fifth as Castella greeted with fine sets of robes, but without end in the crutch. Bull refused for the show, looked for tables from the beginning where the French soon liquidated him. silence

The last one allowed Luis Bolívar an exciting start to the work toreando knelt in the round. The music followed him naturally bound and tempered very well topped with the long chest and shoulder. The bull with nobility and quality allowed the Colombian new series with left in the middle of ovations. A great force has been Luis Bolivar's triumphant rosary before the general madness was awarded with the two ears.

Juan Bernardo Caicedo Iron - ColombiaBullring of Manizales (Colombia) Fifth of coffee Facilities. x entrance. bulls Juan Bernardo Caicedo.logo-Mundo Toro-chips-chronic
Antonio Ferrera, palm trees and silence
Sebastián Castella, palm trees and silence
Luís Bolívar, ovation and two ears

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