Bogotá, one of the 10 destinations that must be known in 2019 under Forbes

adminJanuary 7, 2019

The publication, which specializes in economics and business, highlights the attractions of the capital, such as the bike path and the varied cuisine.

Bogotá It is the first tourist resort in the country and only received in September last year 9.3 million tourists. This line of the capital economy is of such depth that it is already responsible for more than 326,000 jobs.

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The news on this front is still good and the American magazine Forbes lies the city as one of the 10 destinations to know in the world during 2019.

According to the publication, although the capital "does not have the Cartagena attraction or Medellin's economic strength", it has been Home for artists and commercials for decades.

Forbes, which specializes in finance and business, highlights the city's appeal as its street art, Sunday's bike path and the varied gastronomy.

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"You see a spirit of it celebration of life in street art, weekend cycling parades and frequent family celebrations. Bogota is also one of the most exciting culinary destinations of South America, "says the magazine.

Forbes also puts the radar in other destinations like Azores in Portugal; Los Cabos in Mexico, Ethiopia in Africa, Mongolia, among others.

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