Bobby Bones avoided being the first DWTS champion without a perfect score

adminNovember 21, 2018

It is better to give than to receive, and the very generous donation of the judges of a 30 to Bobby BonesThe free style has saved him and "Dancing with the Stars" of greater ignominy. Without those 30, he would have been the first winner who did not receive a perfect score during his career.

A perfect score for Bones and his partner. Sharna Burgess in no way was guaranteed. He had never received a score higher than an 8 and never a score higher than 24, reached for the first time in Week 7, and his dance level, frankly, did not justify much more than that. But as judges usually do, they delivered perfect scores for everyone's free style at the end of Monday, which is also a bit insulting Milo manheim, Evanna Lynch Y Alexis ren; if the half soliloquy of Bones, the half dance deserved a 30, then his technically very superior routines deserved the 40. Hilariously, this means that Bones has obtained three 10s but never received a 9.

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The last minute 30 makes Bones one of the three champions, along with Kelly Monaco (Season 1) and Adam Rippon (Season 26), having obtained a perfect score on the road to their victories, and all three got theirs in the final. Although there are some asterisks involved. The inaugural season of "Dancing" lasted only six weeks and season 26, also known as the "Athletes" start, lasted only four weeks. Bones is the only winner who has obtained a perfect score in a regular season.

Season 25 champion Jordan Fisher keeps the record with the most perfect scores, at nine, surpassing Bindi Irwin (Season 21) and Laurie hernandez (Season 23), that each one grabbed eight. Most of the winners received four perfect scores, and the range of three to five is the most common. Interestingly, the judges were much tougher with the 30s in the early days of the program, but the most consistent thing is that most of these people did not get their first perfect score until the end of the season.

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Here are all the "Dancing" winners ranked by their perfect number of scores for individual dances (30 or 40).

Jordan Fisher, season 25 (first in week 5 of 10)

Bindi Irwin, season 21 (first in week 6 of 11)
Laurie Hern√°ndez, season 23 (first in week 4 of 11)

Jennifer GraySeason 11 (first in week 8 of 10)
Meryl DavisSeason 18 (first week 6 of 10)
Rumer WillisSeason 20 (first in week 8 of 10)

Apollo Anton OhnoSeason 4 (first week 5 of 10)
Melissa RycroftSeason 15 (first in week 8 of 10)
Alfonso Ribeiro, Season 19 (first in week 4 of 11)

Helio castronevesSeason 5 (first in week 8 of 10)
Kristi YamaguchiSeason 6 (first week 6 of 10)
Nicole ScherzingerSeason 10 (first in week 8 of 10)
Hines WardSeason 12 (first semifinal, week 9)
J.R. MartinezSeason 13 (first in week 8 of 10)
Kellie PicklerSeason 16 (first semifinal, week 9)
Amber RileySeason 17 (first semifinal, week 10)

Drew LacheySeason 2 (first week 6 of 8)
Emmitt SmithSeason 3 (first semifinal, week 9)
Brooke BurkeSeason 7 (first week 7 of 10)
Shawn JohnsonSeason 8 (first semifinal, week 10)
Nyle DiMarcoSeason 22 (first semifinal, week 9)

Donny osmondSeason 9 (first final, week 10)
Donald DriverSeason 14 (first final, week 10)
Rashad JenningsSeason 24 (first final, week 10)

Kelly Monaco, Season 1 (final, Week 6)
Adam Rippon, Season 26 (final, Week 4)
Bobby Bones, Season 27 (final, Week 9)

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