Bobby Bones and Sharna Burgess admit they were "Surprised" by the victory of "DWTS" (Exclusive)

adminNovember 20, 2018

Dancing with the stars He crowned a new champion on Monday when Bobby Bones and his professional partner Sharna Burgess took home the coveted Mirrorball trophy in one of the most surprising surprises in the program's history.

Katie Krause of ET met the excited couple after the show, and they realized their great victory, which came after weeks of less stellar scores but tons of spectator votes and support from the fans.

"We were shocked," admitted Bones. "You have to think about it, [when] We started the show, I had never danced before! "

"She got stuck with someone – she's over [the show with] Athletes and people who are like super. [talented], got Nick Carter and Antonio Brown, and then, suddenly, he receives Gumby, "Bones added. I can not believe we won. "

The 38-year-old radio host who formed a close friendship with the old man DWTS pro, said the best part of winning is that Burgess can finally take home a Mirrorball trophy.

"Above all, I'm happy for her, I'm the happiest for the damned Sharna, because she deserved it," Bones said.

This is the 12th consecutive season in which Burgess has competed as a professional in the series of long-distance dance competitions, beginning with season 16 in November 2011, and the first time claiming victory after reaching the final and he approaches four times before.

"This is probably the sweetest victory that could have taken more than seven [years]"Burgess said." The trip we had together, what we represented and the holding of a Mirrorball trophy at the end of that, is simply beautiful. "

"[It’s] the hardest job you had to do too, "Bones added with a laugh.

The native of Nashville, Tennessee, readily admitted that it was all thanks to Burgess that he could dance.

"I'm a fool," Bones said. "I mean, [my] The elbows and knees do not go in the right direction. [and]Like, she made them go in the right direction most of the time. "

While Bobby's boundless positivity and enthusiasm for life earned him a large following during his time on the show, there was still some animosity from critics and those who hated that he did not deserve to stay in the competition while others did. dancers, whom they considered more qualified or obtained higher scores from the judges, continued to be eliminated.

The criticisms got so bad during the season that Bones finally disabled the comments on their various social media platforms, in an attempt to stop the fire wars that kept appearing between their fans and their enemies.

"I turned it off not because it was [about] fighting with me, but because my people were fighting against them and I did not want that to happen, "shared Bones. I try to get any kind of negativity out of my space because once it is in me and it is around me, it affects me. So I eliminated it. "

"I was not angry," he added. "People say things all the time and have the absolute right to have their opinion, but I try to keep the good people around me because it makes me a better person."

Clearly, there was enough positivity surrounding Bones to beat him and Burgess the brilliant Mirrorball trophy, and the 33-year-old Australian dancer revealed that she already knows what she's going to do with the new hardware.

"I think I'll probably keep it for quite some time," Burgess said. "It's very heavy, my arms will have an incredible shape … [but] I'll take it with me everywhere for a while. "

As for Bones, he said that he will also keep him close, specifically, in his bed.

"I'm going to sleep with that every night, I'll probably get it on his own Bumble profile, it's a complete matter," he joked. "Listen, now we're best friends, so I'm taking care of it, too."

While Bones has already been crowned the winner of season 27, his DWTS The trip has not yet come to an end.

It was revealed during the end of the season on Monday that Bones will join the Dancing with the stars: live! A night to remember, a live national tour with many of the DWTS Pros and some of the dynamic contestants of the season.

And Bones is not the only cast member of Season 27 who has signed up to be part of the tour. Dukes of hazzard star John Schneider, Bachelor in ParadiseJoe Amabile, Disney Channel star Milo Manheim, iconic Olympian Mary Lou Retton and Fuller House The star Juan Pablo di Pace will also return to the DWTS The family as part of the show.

The tour begins on December 15 at the Township Auditorium in Columbia, South Carolina, and will continue through the United States until March 9, with a final presentation at the Fred Kavli Theater in Thousand Oaks, California. Check here for more information about the upcoming tour.

For more information on Bones and Burgess & # 39; exciting, amazing Dancing with the stars trip, watch the video below.

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