Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 5 Review: Thicker than water

adminOctober 27, 2018

The Reagan family made me want to embrace them all with Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 5 because in another part of the television you can find good people who try to do the right thing, even if they do not always do it perfectly.

Start with Eddie.

Shawn put her in a very difficult place. She is newly committed to her uncle, she is a policeman and really wants to help. But more than anything, Eddie wants to fit in with the Reagans.

Eddie intervenes in a family issue - Blue Bloods

There is a fine line between realizing that teens are going to screw up and give them guidance instead of ignoring problems like underage drinking and allowing them to become serious.

Eddie hoped to gain Shawn's trust and give him a second chance.

Being a Reagan means keeping yourself at a higher level and not just because mistakes ruin the rest of the family, but because it is the right thing to do. I'm not even Reagan yet and I know it.


Unfortunately, Shawn was the one who threw her under the bus when her father was later called to school.

Eddie was in a no-win situation, but I'm glad he told Jamie about Shawn. It shows the trust that exists between these two and could have allowed Jamie to tell Danny what had happened if he deemed it necessary.

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Danny had every reason to be upset. No parent appreciates it when family members keep secrets about their children, but finally heard what Jamie was trying to tell him.

Jamie: Shawn is trying to be a problem for Jack to decide to stay and keep his younger brother online.
Danny: And you know how, Mr. Freud?
Jamie: Because I did the same thing when you went to the Marines.
Danny: Well, what happened? Do you have a B-minus in your test?
Jamie: A-less. It was a dark time.

Making sure Shawn was there to help him move Jack, let him see the campus and assure him that he would be allowed to visit on some weekends was important.

Shawn already lost his mother and it feels like he's losing his brother, even if he went to college, it's going to be a difficult transition, but everyone can do it with a little effort.

The hugs and jokes between Danny, Eddie and Jamie near the end were touching. Eddie already feels part of the Reagan family.

Hugs Everywhere - Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 5

Elsewhere, Erin came forward with this quote from the Blue Bloods when Anthony felt too embarrassed to take charge of himself.

Erin: Anthony, you're the victim of a crime. Now, what do we say to the victims in this building?
Anthony: There's no reason to feel ashamed because you have not done anything wrong.
Erin: Right Now, do you believe that?
Anthony: Of course I do.
Erin: Then act as such.

Anthony learned how difficult it is to feel like the victim and how easy it is to blame yourself for being one. He was proud of Erin for having straightened him.

But I have to take a moment to mention Anthony's apartment.

Where the hell was he supposed to be in the tri-state area? It had huge floor-to-ceiling windows, a beautiful view and if the "P2" on the elevator door that entered directly into the apartment was an indication, it looked like the attic.

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I'm sure Anthony earns a lot of money given his years of experience, but a place that the high-end anywhere near New York City would cost a fortune!

Well, let's go back to Anthony's story.

Pointing for a friend - Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 5

I loved that Erin did not miss this investigation. First of all, I'm not sure she could consider that there was more than $ 8,000 in charges on a credit card issued by the department!

Erin was not willing to let a faucet stain her close friend and get away with it.

Anthony: Did not I tell you to quit?
Erin: Yes, that's a beauty to be the boss, I have the opportunity to make the decisions.

That Erin and Anthony arrested Maude together was perfect. That Erin continued to bother him about the use of handcuffs was priceless.

I found the stories of Danny and Frank more than a little sad.

The moment we knew that Dr. McCandless was a famous and beloved fertility doctor, I knew exactly where this plan was headed.

What surprised me was that Noelle decided to tell her dad that he was not her biological father.

I suppose it would eventually come to light once what McCandless had done was made public, but how do you tell the man who raised you that the doctor who thought he was the hero actually used his own sperm instead of yours?

Hopefully, Roy was treated for the attempted murder charges because I'm sure there will be former patients lined up around the block who want to kill McCandless.

Frank tries to help - Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 2

Finally, we arrive at the detective and merino officer.

Jay has been a police officer for four years, not because he wants to be, but because his family was waiting for him and is willing to sacrifice the rest of his life to work for the same reason.

I loved Garrett's opinion on this. Many people consider being a policeman a vocation. It is such a difficult job that you really need to be attracted not only to succeed but also to survive physical and emotional challenges.

What happens when your heart is simply not in it?

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On the other hand, Jay had a solid track record with public praise, so he had to be doing something right.

I do not know what the answer is, but I thought that this story got wrapped up too quickly and precisely. Then, Frank had the perfect job for Jay that would appease his father and allow him to resign from the NYPD. How convenient.

I would have preferred to see Jay finally acknowledge his feelings about the job and communicate it to his family. That would have been much more entertaining, dramatic and realistic.

Of course, Jay's story is what led to Frank's wonderful speech to Jack at the Reagan family dinner, so it was not so bad …

Frank: In a few days you will leave this place, starting in the world on your own. Make the world yours. Take what is useful from your time with us, your years at this table, but do not think that you have to become us.
Henry: But if you do …
Frank: you do it. If you do not do it, you do not. It's your life, not ours. And I like to think that your dad, your aunt and your uncle do what they do because they were attracted to that, not because they were pushed.

So, what did you think of the television fans? Did Eddie do the right thing with Shawn or should he have gone directly to Danny?

And the story of John and Jay sounded true to you?

Come back for my review of episode 6 of Season 9 of Blue Bloods and until then you can enjoy the Reagan family and watch Blue Bloods online here on TV Fanatic.

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