Bloody images: Natascha Ochsenknecht on Vampire Lifting!

adminJanuary 11, 2019

What doesn't look healthy, Natascha Ochsenknecht (54) will shine in the future! Actor actor Uwe Ochsenknecht, 63, is the mother of three children, a successful children's book author, featured on various TV shows and consists of all kinds of red carpets. The fact that such a packed everyday life does not go unnoticed seems to feel the actress alone. But against stress-related wrinkles she has one – albeit bloody – recipe: Natasha went through a vampire lift!

The beauty treatment, where your own stem cells are injected into the tissue to tighten the skin, looks painful. But appropriately Instagram– Pictures showing Natascha during the procedure, the 54-year-old still looks well-humored. She halts one at a time and jokes: "Therefore, I see bomb like this at 76." As shown in other posts a few days after the procedure, the superwoman's face has not yet recovered from the bloody treatment.

The fans are split if they are Natasha Find a step to Beauty Doc: "You don't need it"For example, a user writes while another user declares, "I did it with me too, and the result was good!"

Natascha Ochsenknecht at Vampire LiftigInstagram / nataschaochsenknechtPhotos Gallery Button
Natascha Ochsenknecht at Vampire Liftig
Natascha Ochsenknecht one day after the vampire liftInstagram / nataschaochsenknecht

Natascha Ochsenknecht one day after the vampire lift
TV star Natascha Ochsenknecht at Beauty Doc, January 2018Instagram / nataschaochsenknecht

TV star Natascha Ochsenknecht at Beauty Doc, January 2018

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