Blogger Slammed for saying "son is what I like least" on Instagram

adminNovember 20, 2018

A popular mommy blogger based in Atlanta found herself in the hot water after telling her Instagram followers that her 6-year-old daughter has the least "likes" of all her children.

Over the weekend, Katie Bower celebrated her son's birthday by sharing a photo of him since then deleted on social media. Although he praised his son's "unique personality" and praised him for having a kind heart, the mother of five was shocked when he wrote: "Instagram never liked my munchkin and killed me on the inside," BuzzfeedNews reported.

"Your photos never had so many tastes. I never received comments. From a statistical point of view, it was not as popular among all, "Bower said." Perhaps part of that was that the images never reached the correct algorithm. Part could be because he was "the baby" for a very short period of time before "his brothers were born.

"I say all that because I want to believe that it was not him … that he was on me," he added. "My insufficiency caused this statistical deficit because obviously my Munch should receive ALL the love and the half-closed eyes are totally adorable".

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Apparently, the parents asked their followers to "like" the photo of the birthday boy.

"So, can we do this right, because I really KNOW that my Munch deserves all tastes … whether a stranger gives it to them or not, and on his sixth birthday, I'm grateful, I know … no matter what that other people think of me or my children or my marriage or my house of my life or my everything … that are 10000000x better in real life than any other small image could contain, "he wrote.

"I wanted to clarify that I revealed this feeling because I know that one day he will see the numbers and will have to learn that his value is not approval online. This is a difficult lesson to learn for anyone and I am grateful to have learned it, "said Bower." I hope I can be understanding and not take things out of context or believe that this affects in any way the way I see or treat my children, all the comments and good wishes I have read to the birthday boy!

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Despite trying to explain his perspective, Bower's words brushed many social media users incorrectly.

"Wow! This Instagram mommy blogger is celebrating her son's birthday by writing about how all of her kids," statistically "behaves worse on her Instagram, and she's worried that one day it will ruin her self-esteem," user wrote on Twitter along with a screenshot of the Bower publication.

"Here we have the number 1 reason why your children should never be your personal brand", another user tweeted.

"First of all, no, one day he will not" need to see the numbers ", this person is horrible", a tweet read.

"What about the line?" I say all that because I want to believe it was not him … that he was on me. " So she does not only care, but she believes that it IS HIS LACK. I can not believe that there are people that our society encourages to procreate. I want to adopt them all ", a person additional.

"For the low price of one like, you can support a child who needs an Instagram commitment", another user tweeted.

On Monday, Bower filed the post, explaining in his Instagram Stories that he had to "learn that the" I like "does not reflect me much."

She admitted: "I work with brands that tell you otherwise. I read an article on how to grow your Instagram that says otherwise. "

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