Blake Shelton Dishes in his plans of Thanksgiving with Gwen Stefani

adminNovember 21, 2018

Hollywood couple Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are ready for the holidays!

Tanika Ray "extra" spoke with Blake and his partner "The Voice", Jennifer Hudson, just a few hours before the release of Blake and Gwen's new music video "You Make It Feel Like Christmas".

When Tanika commented on how enamored Blake and Gwen are in the video, Jennifer said: "How nice." Blake blushed and said, "I'm ashamed, okay?"

When Tanika asked why her cheeks and neck were red, Blake joked, "That's also because I've been drinking a lot today. Let's be honest."

Blake and Gwen are preparing to spend another Thanksgiving together. He shared: "I do not know if we have thought so far for Christmas, Thanksgiving, we go back to Oklahoma … that has been our tradition, this will be our third Thanksgiving Day with all the Stefani group coming."

Jennifer is "going to her house in Chicago" for the holidays.

Two contestants will be sent home in "The Voice" tonight when the top 11 are revealed. Blake smiled and said: "Everyone is so good, so, you know, I only say the same thing to people, you know, when they ask me about the program, it's to vote for my team."

Jennifer said: "It's okay, enough of that."

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