"Black Mirror": Release date, plot, cast and more details of the fifth fee | "Bandersnatch"

adminDecember 30, 2018

Are you still stuck in "Bandersnatch"Looking for another end to Stefan? Want to know when to enjoy new episodes of"Black mirror"2019 will bring more stories that warn us to be cautious in the face of technological advances.

According to the Ars Technia portal, Netflix He sent them a statement confirming that "the fifth season will debut in 2019, as previously announced. "So we are sure that the interactive film"Bandersnatch"It does not replace the new delivery.

What will succeed in the fifth season?

"Black mirror"It will take a little turn: in front of its usual suspicious view of technology, the new chapters will have a more cheerful tone."We make episodes and stories more optimistic, instead of just dystopic and negative, the creator Charlie Brooker pointed out. New York Times.

Again, they will be unified episodes, and it was suggested that the stories would be more "politically engaged" after some years of Donald Trump and Brexit presidency.

Will there be more interactive episodes?

The creator was dumb: no. In the fifth season of the series Netflix there will be no interactive chapters as it was "Bandersnatch".


In December it was confirmed Miley Cyrus appears in "Black Mirror". She registered her participation in South Africa.


The third season brought one of the episodes most loved by the fans and acclaimed by the critic: "San Junipero". Could it be a continuation? Not at this time. "I don't think we will see these characters unless we have a very good reason, and I doubt we would do that in a chapter," said Charlie Brooker at NME.

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