Black Mirror: Mysterious QR code in Bandersnatch

adminDecember 29, 2018

Black Mirror's new movie Bandersnatch's world of secrets emerges.

Netflix Black Mirror that can be monitored in Turkey yesterday: Bandersnatch Interest is increasing every second. On Twitter, the #bandersnatch hashtag is almost destroyed. A "ring / ring sound" plays in a place where the audience must play music on the "bus scene", which the audience has revealed. Users who have been decoded with this software have reached this QR code.


Black Mirror That Determines The Audience: Bandersnatch Published in Turkey

The QR code, which allows users to access the site cited by the QR code, could not believe in the QR code. You can find the TuckerSoft website where you'll find Bandersnatch, Metl Hedd, Roachbusters and more.


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Details of the games are also available on the site, as well as the TuckerSoft employee statement. Since being pretty nice detail, the gaming business in 1984, TuckerSoft reflects the atmosphere of the users. When you access the Bandersnatch page on the site, the "Play Now" button will take you to the Bandersnatch Netflix page.


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