Bizarre: This is the week of the Flemish seeds … which will be followed by the week of Walloon fries

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We go into the week with the surreal fries: since Monday 26 November and for a week it will be "Week of the Friet" while "Week Fry" in Wallonia will take place from 3 December. We explain this shift as finally … place two weeks under the sign on fries!

This year the event will only be organized in Flanders, while in Wallonia, this event will take place from 3 December, with a week shift in the northern country. The reason? An internal agenda problem within the Vallonska agency for promoting quality use (Apaq-W). The "bifffries week", which took place from 3 November to 11 and promoted Belgian beef, had a national version.

Apaq-W insists: There is no doubt about dissociating from Flanders, we face "an agenda concern internally," explained Friday.

The event, which comes in its 8th edition, will be presented Thursday in Wavre and will take place from 3rd to 9th of December. The goal will be to place below all the lights that meet the criteria for a "Friterie from us". In Flanders, "Week of the Friet" takes place today, November 26th for the 19th time. Its central theme is the "social character" of the free-range culture in Belgium.

For our part, we share our address book Brussels, which is not left fries and good fries in general. Here are our top 12 restaurants and free dishes where we really had some fries on top.

In Jef's place

This free pot from the place Peter Benoît in Neder-over-Hembeek prides itself on collecting the best fries in Brussels in 2016! He was the winner of the Fritometer 2017, the result of a "poll" asking the Brussels residents to vote for their favorite piece among 15 preselected. Chez Jef comes first with 41% of the votes! 2: Free Flagey (22%) and 3rd, Chips store Le Tram, instead Payfa in Watermael-Boitsfort (12%) as we never tested.

Friture René

The steak is obviously present at René: In the center it is the popular place to eat, in a good mood, very good traditional dishes, accompanied by their French fries.

17 they resisted, 1070 Brussels. 02 / 523.28.76

Fried Flagey

The downside is that it's too good, so the queues are long! But honestly, the fresh fries of this legendary frigate are well worth the wait. The little stomachs do not hesitate to be happy with the package, small already well-charged. The best part is to spend the weekend, after the market Place Flagey. Between the big benches on the spot, the steps in the church or along the rivers of Elsene, there are many places to enjoy your cone.

Place Eugène Flagey, 1050 Ixelles.


Near Forêt de Soignes, not to be missed for all fans of ribs and eels. The fries are extraordinary, they have a real taste of steak. The setting is authentic and takes us back 20 years. Some may find it a little dated, but welcome is so nice and specials so delicious that everything is forgiven.

Groenendaalsesteenweg 105, 1560 Hoeilaart. 02 / 657.04.09

Friterie Antoine

After having a bunch of discomfort, we can say that Chez Antoine has bought a trip and fries chew again cheerfully, the proof is the length of the lines. And it's always so nice to eat a packet of fried on one of the cafes around which is "Fries Antoine Friendly" that can not resist honoring the day at the fried place Jourdan.

The fryer at Clementine is

The advantage of "Clem" is that it is open every day until 1 o'clock and until 9 o'clock. 6 on friday and saturday. And nothing strikes a good fried Andalusian sauce on its way back from the evening. The recent facelift in the cabin is worth the detour and the service is always enjoyable

Place St-Job 1, 1180 Uccle

Crazy Love

They are homemade and accompanying homebrewed users, they are worth the trip, including refreshing dishes.

185 Chaussée d 'Ixelles, 1050 Ixelles (Place Fernand Cocq)

The Selecto

This restaurant in the old quarter of Brussels offers a friendly brasserie atmosphere. In a hot hub, we come to enjoy a bistronomic food and quality (sardine oil in the box, such as yum). And then we do not hesitate to accompany anything with homemade fries. A really good mood.

Rue de Flandre 95-97, 1000 Brussels. 02 / 511.40.95

Bourdon Friterie

Dual cooking in animal fat, not too big and not too thin, crunchy and soft potato: the perfect french fries, it's the humlebone that did! And this year, this eccentric free throw will get all the votes.

Chaussée d 'Alsemberg 1155, 1180 Uccle. 02 / 332.04.48

Chez Marcel

Do you want to change potato chips? Marcel concocts potatoes fries: thick, crispy and soft inside, they look like their cousins ​​like two drops of water. Except they are a little sweeter and the feeling is different from that. Burgers are there to recommend.

American Street 87, 1050 Brussels – 02 534 34 34


50's atmosphere, great food and staff are top. The soft light is nice in the evening. Their specialty is the steak tartare with a knife, too perfect with fries that are excellent!

Rue Sainte-Croix 4, 1050 Ixelles. 02 / 647.04.36

Belga Queen

Belga Queen is located in a former bank and is known for its "Made in Belgium" food. The setting is always impressive and it is always a pleasure to go there. The shrimp croquettes are to die for, but do not forget their homemade fries! They are thick, crispy and presented in a small porcelain cone, a nod to the papercrumb that invites you to eat with your fingers, even in this hype!

Rue du dit wolf 32, 1000 Brussels. 02 / 217.21.87

Friterie Charles

It's a little less familiar than the others maybe installed quietly at the newly renovated Dumon in Stockel. But it's worth the trip! It is a family place in this district of Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, but also a deal for fans of fries matches that this piece offers. What changes you from the great fries to Belgian, that's true. But go for a change of nature …

Place Dumon, 1150 Brussels.

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