"Bird Box": So (funny), the creatures that do not appear, look like

adminJanuary 7, 2019

In general, Netflix does not comment on the choice of films and series. But with the "Bird Box", the streaming service was an exception: More than 45 million accounts should have seen the horror thriller with Sandra Bullock in the first seven days. It was the US company announced last week on Twitter. One thing was kept secret: The monster's appearance – and for good reason, as it turns out.

To explain briefly: In the "Bird Box" people are so driven mad by some kind of epidemic that they commit suicide in the chains. The reason is weird creatures. The one who sees them loses them and kills himself. So the remaining survivors do not suffer from the same fate that they blend together. So they also try to get to a safe place.

Consequently, most parts of the film are shown from their perspective. The viewer's fear lies in the imagination. The samples are not shown once, although originally designed by the creators, as reported by the "Mashable" website.

Sandra Bullock: "I had to laugh so much"

KNB EFX, a specialist in special effects and mask design (which created the zombies in "The Walking Dead") even created the creatures extra. But eventually they were cut out of the movie because they looked too funny as director Susanne Bier revealed the portal: "We spent a lot of energy on the stage, but every time I saw it I knew there was no excitement here but just fun."

Actor Sandra Bullock even started laughing loudly when she was to make a scene with one of the creatures: "I turned and he hoisted me, laughing so hard, just looks like a big fat baby," says the Hollywood star.

What does the "Bird Box" look like right now?

KNB EFX published a few days ago pictures of the creatures on Instagram: "These are the creatures from" Bird Box ", which unfortunately were cut from the last movie," it says in the description.

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