Bird Box – End-time horror with Sandra Bullock breaking records on Netflix

adminDecember 30, 2018

More and more viewers have to share cinema blockbusters by major Hollywood studios with prominent reboot on Netflix. Which dimensions and proportions are accepted show a new post of the current streaming king. He confirms it Bird Box, an end-time customization with Sandra Bullock (Rent girls), was spotted by over 45 million Netflix accounts in the first seven days. This is the best start of a Netflix movie ever! There is further evidence of the popularity of the streaming service and not of the local productions, but also of the genre film itself. Normally stinging Netflix with fixed numbers can rarely be in the cards see. The fact that even more and more often, even with success stories, boasts, speaks for the position, which at the same time has held with many long-term subscribers and spectators. Since Netflix in this case calls pure account numbers, the number of actual calls is likely to be significantly higher. This would have if every third Netflix user already had the horror movie with Sandra Bullock – within the first week.

Converted to a theatrical release, it would mean a start-up week between $ 400 and $ 500 million. These are of course pure imagination, but they illustrate the radiation as Bird Box celebrated its premiere on Netflix. The project is the film version of Josh Malerman's novel The river – your last hope, realized by Danish director Susanne Bier. Eric Heisserer is (The case. A nightmare on Elm Street. Final destination 5. Lights out. arrival) Written horror adventure strikes a similar nick as this year's hit film A quiet placeIn contrast, however, it makes it necessary for the protagonists to reject their views.

Bullock is accompanied by his difficult journey by prominent fellows like John Malkovich (Dangerous love affairs), Sarah Paulson (American horror story), Trevante Rhodes, Jacki Weaver (The voice) and Rosa Salazar (Maze Runner).

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