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adminDecember 29, 2018

Could it be a little scary?

If so, you are in the right place with the new Netflix mega strips "Bird Box – Close Your Eyes". Since December 21, Netflix production is already on offer from the streaming provider to find and record so far new record numbers!

Normally, Netflix reflects on the display numbers and use of the provider. But in the face of cracking numbers, Netflix opened on Twitter that in the first seven days over 45 million accounts have streamed horror thriller.

That's why you should see "Bird Box"

▶ ︎ Sandra Bullock (54) is always worth it. The actor with German roots has not won awards like Oscar or Golden Globe lately for nothing. The remaining throw of the "Bird Box" is also impressive: Trevant Rhodes (28), John Malkovich (65), Sarah Paulson (44) and Danielle Macdonald (27).

▶ The "Bird Box" is infinitely exciting. Almost every minute of the movie is not over and you are not energetic and bound by the events. From the beginning to the end.

▶ ︎ Anyone who likes blood, broken bones and unprotected death scenarios is in exactly the right place with "Bird Box". Totally unblushing horror scenes are shown in detail. Attention, some scenes are really brutal.

▶ Although there is no monster or villain in the stretch, the atmosphere is created in the movie creepy. Many scenes play outdoors and in daylight. With gloomy moments, as they are often typical of horror movies, they were stored in the "Bird Box". However, the frightening factor did not deteriorate.

So hype around "Bird Box"

Of course, it does not come to the above average success of the Netflix movie. Even before the movie was released, Netflix touched the drum nicely. In addition, the film was launched on December 21, worldwide, reaching so many people at the same time. Shortly thereafter, thousands of memes flooded the internet, along with the hashtag #Birdbox.

In addition, the "Bird Box" received a lot of support afterwards. Among other things, Stephan King (71) and Chrissy Teigen (33) wrote their impressions on Twitter.

"I was very excited about the Bird Box (Netflix). Don't believe in the lukewarm reviews, partly caused by the reviewer's ambivalence over the streaming platform, unlike the theatrical releases."

"I took a break for my family, but just saw" Bird Box. "Now my heart is hurting. I need company. Is anyone out there?"

"My hands shake as I write. When I think of my little ones out in the woods alone, it makes me so sad."

"I had the worst dream of my life. John died and became a bird. He called me through a small cell phone. I'm with the little bird-John then on the Maldives. Then I woke up and wept and was completely sweaty." "Finish me."

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