Bigg Boss 12 written update, December 29, 2018: Bigg Boss tells Sreesanth that he did a real relationship and used it

adminDecember 30, 2018

In the last episode of Bigg Boss 12, Bigg Boss called the participants in the field of activity and showed them their viewers opinion. Bigg Boss made the housewives emotional by showing them their journey to the house. Deepak enters the activity room and becomes extremely affected and sees the audience's reaction. Deepak sees the images and becomes emotional since he won the hearts of millions of people outside the house. Bigg Boss appreciates Deepak's efforts and says he has made his parents proud.

Later, Romil sees his enriching journey in the Bigg Boss house and becomes emotional. Romil is crying and watching fans love and thank Bigg Boss for everything.

Bigg Boss shows him the pictures of his happy club, his strong bond with Somi Khan.

Romil thanks Bigg Boss for everything and he appreciates everyone for their love.

Bigg Boss later calls Sreesanth inside the room and shows him his share of the fighting. He sees love and support from the viewers and the cries. He is overwhelmed and crying.

Karanvir receives several messages from his fans and gets emotional to see them. Bigg Boss shows him this 15-week journey. Karanvir shouts his heart and thanks Bigg Boss for everything.

Dipika Kakar enters the activity room and Bigg Boss shows his fans who want her to win. Dipika thanks the fans and becomes emotional.

Dipika is shocked and sees her three months long journey. She is happy to see her relationship with Sreesanth.

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