Biebertals on "Suddenly Bad, Suddenly Rich" on SAT1

adminJanuary 10, 2019

In the second episode of the exchange attempt "Suddenly Poor, Suddenly Rich", it is called Großstadthölle instead of Schlossidylle. The rich family Van Summeren must leave his villa in Odenwald, the Cesarine castle, and move into a noisy apartment in the middle of Mannheim.

Mike van Summeren (42), a native of Fellingshausen, is an entrepreneur and music producer ("Mike's Music Records"). His wife Karin, the artist's name Acarina, is a pop singer. The 34-year-old native of Austria brought his seven-year-old son Paul into the relationship. The three live on 230 square meters in their idyllic castle. 8,000 square meters of forest belong to the property. The musician couple has a weekly budget of 3900 euros.

"Suddenly poor, suddenly rich" on SAT1: Also music carts

Mike van Summeren began his musical career at the age of twelve, starting to learn piano and organ in nine years. Later he founded the rock band "Shine", he produced his first own songs in his studios in Kinzenbach.

"Suddenly poor, suddenly rich" on SAT1: exchange family from Mannheim

The opposite: Family Scholz-Walker from Mannheim. Simon (34), his partner Magdalena (39), their daughter Victoria (15) and their son Daniel (8 months) live in a three bedroom apartment on a main street in the middle of Mannheim. Simon works 20 hours a week at the retail store, Magdalena has parental leave. Four of them must do with 188 euros per week.

How do families react to the foreign environment, the weekly budget, and the unknown lifestyle? This experiment will bring both families to their limits. (Photo: SAT 1)

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