Bianca Belair vs Shayna Bazler can be an instant classic in NXT

adminDecember 27, 2018

Bianca Belair became the number 1 candidate for the NXT Women & # 39; s Championship on December 26 episode of the NXT. That means the potential fight of the night was just made for the NXT Takeover: Phoenix, along with a new instant classic for a brand known for exceptional matches!

Bianca Belair has been a star waiting to break out in the NXT for a while now.

She has been one of the best in-ring practitioners in the women's division for most of 2018, along with having developed solid promo work and an overall good gimmick. Everything Belair has missed was a chance in the spotlight to shine.

Now, after their number one-man match on December 26 issue of NXT, Belair will finally get that chance at NXT Takeover: Phoenix.

Belair defeated Mia Yim, Io Shirai, and the lead star bound Lacey Evans to earn a NXT Women 's Championship match against Shayna Baszler at Takeover: Phoenix.

This fight finally gives Belair both the platform and the opponent, to cement themselves as a star in the WWE.

Shayna Baszler comes out of a recent fight in the annual partner against Kairi Sane from Takeover: WarGames II, and has begun to show his true potential as a star himself. Now, as Baszler's time in the NXT undoubtedly breaks down, she will face a challenger who would be more than capable of carrying the NXT's women's division herself.

Baszler is simply more than likely to join the lead star at some point in the New Year. She now has the other two members of the original Four Horsewomen by her side, which means that it is only a matter of time before WWE will want to pull the trigger to bring her to Raw to finally finish with Ronda Rousey.

That means this upcoming battle between Baszler and Belair that Takeover now has all the factors to play to make it a potential instant classic.

Baszler has only improved and improved in the ring over the past year. Her series of games with Kairi Sane is likely to be one of the best sweets in the NXT story. She is at the top of her game at the moment, which means she'll be more than able to put on a show with a talented opponent like Belair.

In addition, Belair may seem like a true performer to actually beat Baszler, given the career path to "Queen of Spades". It gives this fight an unpredictable air that will have fans sitting on the edges of their seat on each near autumn.

The combination of two competitors performing at such a high level with an unpredictability that surrounds the outcome of the face is what gives this battle such a great potential for greatness.

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It is not often we see a struggle with such untapped potential in WWE. Shayna Baszler vs. Bianca Belair seems to be a battle primed to steal the show at NXT Takeover: Phoenix, and in the process, may be one of the best games ever seen.

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