Beverley Mitchell, the former '7th Heaven' star, reveals that she miscarried twins

adminNovember 23, 2018

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/ Source: TODAY

By Lindsay Lowe

Earlier this year, former "7th Heaven" star Beverley Mitchell and her husband, Michael, were thrilled to learn they had twins on the way. They already had two young children, Kenzie and Hutton, and they could not wait to expand their family.

But just a few weeks after Mitchell's pregnancy, the tragedy struck when she miscarried.

"This was a shock," he wrote in an emotional essay on his blog, Growing Up Hollywood. "Honestly, my first instinct was to say that I was fine, and to be honest; I was trying to be. I thought it had to be, for my family, for myself. I had to get on a plane and go to work being surrounded by babies and children while I was still aborting. "

But it took a while to really process what had happened and accept that she had aborted.

"Even though it made sense in my head, my heart could not understand it," he wrote. "I never really considered that I would abort being that I had already had two healthy pregnancies. This was my mistake, you know, I did not know much about spontaneous abortions and I did not know many people who had aborted, or so I thought. "

Finally, she found some healing by sharing her tragedy with others and realizing that she and her husband were not alone.

"It was not until I started sharing our loss that I discovered that many people I knew had the same scars," he wrote. "Now he was part of a group, the hidden and hidden group that laments his losses in the shadows.

"Every time I shared what we were going through it made people feel uncomfortable, nobody knows what to say and, to be honest, there's nothing to say," he continued. "Most people who share their story, we are not looking for anything, just the opportunity to share their story, it is with sharing that the healing begins, the acceptance of what happened, is when you ignore it or pretend that it never happened that causes more pain ".

After Mitchell posted his story of miscarriage on Instagram, several women thanked him for being so open about his story and shared his own stories of miscarriage in the comments.

"I suffered two before our sweet rainbow baby was born. It was a dark road in which I often felt lonely, "wrote one woman." Reaching and finding women who had experienced the same loss was a turning point in my pain. "

"Never get over that feeling of what life would have been like … I still wonder what our family would be like with four children instead of three," commented another woman. "But I applaud you for sharing, too many people have this pain deep down and we have to say it's okay."

In her heartfelt Thanksgiving rehearsal, Mitchell thanked her husband for being loving and patient while working through all the emotions that accompanied miscarriage. She also thanked her girlfriends for always being there.

"I had my friends that I trusted, that although I did not talk much with them during this time, they constantly registered me and left me messages and gave me time to heal, but also to show that the support was there when I wanted it or I needed, "he wrote." For these ladies, I will always be grateful, they are my trip or my death, they knew me and gave me the space to heal me. "

It ended with a message of hope and gratitude, and with a call to the people to speak more openly about the pain of miscarriages.

"Today, I share my scars because the only thing I want to say is that nobody should suffer in silence. Talk and share their wounds, to give them the opportunity to heal. "We are going to eliminate the stigma, miscarriages occur, they are nothing to be ashamed of," he wrote. "Today I celebrate everything I have because I am surrounded by love and the most beautiful souls."

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