Beverley Mitchell reveals she suffered a miscarriage of twins in a heartbreaking email

adminNovember 23, 2018

Beverley Mitchell

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Beverley Mitchell has shared that she suffered a miscarriage earlier this year.

In a heartbreaking post on his blog "Growing Up Hollywood," the Seventh sky Alum revealed that she and her husband, Michael CameronI found out they were expecting twins a few months ago. Then, weeks later, the couple learned the devastating news that they had suffered a miscarriage.

"A few months ago, Michael and I were excited, we had just discovered that we were pregnant and, although we were surprised, we were excited," Mitchell wrote in the Thanksgiving publication. "It was not long before we began to prepare for a life filled with more small people, and to our surprise, we realized they were twins!" After our shock, acceptance and excitement came.

"A few weeks later, our new dream of our growing family fell apart, we had a miscarriage," he continued. "This was a shock, honestly, my first instinct was to say that I was fine, and to be honest, I was trying to be honest, I thought it had to be, for my family, for myself, I had to get on a plane." and go to work surrounded by babies and children while I was still aborted. That was interesting. "

"I remember something that one of my best friends told me during my first pregnancy: if the pregnancy is viable, it will be maintained, if the baby (babies) is not viable, they will not," Mitchell continued writing. "Although this makes a lot of sense and was something I even said when I shared the news of our pregnancy with our closest friends, this challenged me because even though it made sense in my head, my heart could not understand it."

Mitchell and Cameron, who got married in 2008, welcomed their daughter Kenzie Cameron in 2013 and his son Hutton michael cameron in 2015.

"I never really considered that I would have an abortion if I had already had two healthy pregnancies," Mitchell wrote to his readers. "This was my misconception, you know, I did not know much about spontaneous abortions and I did not know many people who had aborted, or so I thought." It was not until I started sharing our loss that I discovered many people. He was now part of a group, the hidden and hidden group that mourned his losses in the shadows, this was the hardest part, suffering in silence. "

"Every time I shared what we were going through it made people feel uncomfortable, nobody knew what to say, and to be honest, there's nothing to say," Mitchell continued. "Most people who share their story, we're not looking for anything, just the opportunity to share their story, it's the sharing that starts healing, the acceptance of what happened, it's when it ignores or pretends it never happened that causes more pain Discarding it almost makes it worse. "

Mitchell concluded his publication by saying to his fans: "We still have dreams of making our family grow, but now more than ever, I look at Kenzie, Hutton and Michael and I feel full, if we are blessed with more children, they will fill us with people" . more love, but for now, I look at my family and I am VERY NICE, BLESSED AND THANK YOU. "

You can read his full blog HERE.

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