Betty the Ugly in New York

adminJanuary 10, 2019

20 years have passed since the premiere of "I'm Betty, the ugly" Nevertheless, time has not managed to conceal the success of the Colombian novel; In fact, the opposite has happened, the most beloved & # 39; ugly & # 39; in the world more current than ever, and in this opportunity returns to the small screen with a new version titled & # 39; Betty in NY & # 39; (Betty in New York & # 39;).

According to the information from E! online This modern version of & # 39; Betty & # 39; is the first production filmed in the studios of "Telemundo Center", recently inaugurated in Miami (USA).

And after a campaign of anticipation, which has made it clear that the story was fully adapted to these times, with much younger and more modern characters, Telemundo finally launched a trailer where you can fully see the look of the new Beatriz Aurora Rincón Lozano & # 39; In this case, remember that in the Colombian novel, the surnames of the protagonist are & # 39; Pinzón Solano & # 39 ;.

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The character is played by the 21-year-old Mexican actress, Elyfer Torres; remembered by other productions like "The Pilot" and "Nicky Jam: The Winner". On the other hand, the role of "Don Armando & # 39; is played by Mexican actor Erick Elías; while & # 39;Marcela Valencia & # 39; s coated by Venezuelan Sabrina Seara.

In this opportunity, "Betty in NY" will tell the story of a young and talented Mexican based in New York; after being rejected for her physical appearance in multiple jobs; & # 39; Betty & # 39; gets the position of personal assistant of Don Armando & # 39; s president of the fashion company V&M Fashion.

Production will be released next February and it's just to wait if it achieves such great success as the first version.

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