Best Song Oscar: Lady Gaga's Shallow From A Star is born is unbeatable

adminNovember 30, 2018

While the Lady Gaga / Bradley Cooper duet remains favorite, songs from the "Black Panther", "RBG", "Free Solo" and "Mary Poppins Returns" are strong contenders.


There is no excitement with "Shallow" to make the best Original Song List on December 17th. Lady Gaga / Bradley Cooper duet from "A Star Is Born" has been passionately embraced as no ballad since "Frozen's" "Let It Go." In fact, it looks unbeatable to Oscar.

But when it comes to rounding off the other nine candidates, there are many memorable opportunities, including "All Stars" ("Black Panther"), "I Fight" ("RBG"), "Gravity" Free Solo " For Private War "," The Place Where Lost Things Go "and" Trip A Little Light Fantastic "(" Mary Poppins Returns ").

In addition, "Revelation", "Girl in the Movies" ("Dumplin"), "We Will not Move" "The Hate U Give") and even "A Place Called Slaughter Race "(" Ralph Breaks The Internet ").

But the biggest story of "Shallow" is how it evolved from a song about drowning and transcendence to the powerful hymn of love and filling the void personally and professionally. "Gaga wrote from Ally as a final credit song because in the original script Bradley's character draws," co-author Mark Ronson said.

"But somehow Bradley decided that they would work it in the script as a duet. It's a very good song that the movie became a really great song and that's the best you can hope for."

It is also a complicated song, which appears first under the magnificent car park between Jackson and Ally when she sings the first verse, then escalates to a duet that he is polished when he goes on stage at the concert. Ronson liked the unconventional structure of three verses spreading in the choir. "It's like a dialogue between them," he added. "It's unpredictable and builds into something exciting."

Meanwhile, "All the Stars" (performed by Kendrick Lamar and SZA) summarizes the ultimate love and unity of the "Black Panther" as a final credit song. "The beauty was that Ryan [Coogler] relying on us and giving us creative control, "says Sounwave, Lam's frequent partner as drummer specialist. "Everything he did had passed and played us the scenes that needed musical sonics, and he just trusted our ears.

"Then Kendrick created these trans, hypnotic chords that I could not get out of my mind," added the author / producer. "And we built it and built it, and finally it became three different kinds before it became it was … very easy. I could tell it [‘Black Panther’] would be a historic moment. "

As composer Diane Warren chases her tenth nomination with "I'm Fighting" (performed by Jennifer Hudson), she continues her focus on fighting injustice (including "Stand Up For Something" from "Marshall" and "To It Happens" to You "from" The Hunting Ground ").

"What's so cool about this song is that you can make it anyway, but within the frame of this movie is Ruth Bader Ginsberg fighting for our rights," Warren said. "You hear this song and you can think of your parents or your children or your friends or people who need help in the world." But Ruth talks so loudly with a soft voice. "

The country star Tim McGraw initially started from "Gravity" because he was too busy on tour and recording, and he could not care less about rock climbing. But when he met his family to see the inspiring National Geographic "Free Solo" doc about Alex Honnold, scaling the world's famous mountain in Yosemite, he was hooked.

"We wanted it to be about the journey and the connections in life with people and
even, "said McGraw," and the achievements you can get when you believe in yourself and push you forward. "

The Eurythmics legend Annie Lennox was also first to write about "A Requiem for a Private War" because it seemed scary. She had once met Sen. War correspondent Marie Colvin (played in the film by Rosamund Pike) and celebrated her work with a honorary award as part of her female empowerment organization, The Circle NGO.

"I started dabble with it and something came and resonated with me," said Lennox (Oscar winner for "In the West" from "Lord of the Rings"). She not only created a slow building requiem, but also strained the limitation of her voice. "What I like is that it improves the atmosphere and never needs the story. I wanted to honor her memory."

With "Mary Poppins Returns," the composition Marc Shaiman and the lyricist Scott Wittman returned to the books of P.L. Travers. "They were episodic adventures and more like Eastern philosophy," said Shaiman. "The Place Where Lost Things Go" was taken from the story where Mary takes the children to the dark side of the moon and her uncle is the man on the moon. This is where he collects all the things you've lost. It is a mild way for Maria to talk to the children about the loss of their mother. "

With "Trip A Little Light Fantastic," Lin-Manuel Miranda's Jack tells the children to look for the light when they are lost. "[It] was funny because we were playing with Cockney Rhyming Snake, "La Wittman." It's a very big athletic song that dances. "

Lists are alphabetical:

"All the Stars" ("Black Panther")
"I'm going to fight" ("RBG")
"The place where lost things go" ("Mary Poppins Returns")
"A Requiem for a Private War" ("A Private War")
"Grunt" ("One Star is Born")

"Girl in the Movies" ("Dumplin")
"Gravity" ("Free Solo")
"Here's the change" ("Based on gender")
"Travel a little light amazing" ("Mary Poppins Returns")
"We Will not Move" ("The Hate U Give")

Long Shots
"Ash" (Deadpool 2 ")
"The Big Unknown" ("Enker")
"I'm Grinch" ("The Grinch")
"A place called Slaughter Race" ("Ralph Breaks Internet")
"Revelation" ("Boy Deleted")
"When a cowboy trades his wings for wings" ("The Ballad of Buster Scruggs")

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