Berner Club wades scandal rappers Kollegah and Farid Bang

adminJanuary 9, 2019

After the Schaffhausen organizers already gave the Rüpel rappers Farid Bang and Kollegah a rebuff, they must now be out on the Berner Bierhübeli.

Berner Bierhübeli ironically enforces his house rules: no room for insults, discrimination and racism. It is likely that the club has now given the two hate races Farid Bang (32) and Kollegah (34), as "Bern Bear" writes. Consequently, the duo was offered to the operators as a headliner – but co-directors Dave Naef and Nandeo Heppe would have rejected, the local newspaper. The loss of revenue has apparently been less important to the restaurant than honor.

The loose in Schaffhausen

Thus, the two rappers, who received an "echo" despite the sexist and anti-Semitic lines such as "My body more defined than by Auschwitz inmates" last year, cause a scandal, going abroad for the second time in Switzerland. On May 5, they should have been on stage for the Albanian festival in Schaffhausen BBC Arena. Organizer Blerim Memisi first boasts that he had succeeded in bringing Kollegah and Farid Bang to Schaffhausen. But then the decision makers of the Albanian festival, the Alba Cultural Association in Schaffhausen, returned: The Hate rapper's appearance was canceled. (WYT)

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