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adminNovember 28, 2018

Eva Green started her career in Innocents in 2003, giving tribute to the director.

Before you get James Bond girl in Casino Royale, and confirm his presence on Hollywood radar with Kingdom of heaven, At the intersection of worlds: the golden compass or later 300: Birth of an empireEva Green started her career in her native country. In 2003 she came on screen in her first major role, in innocent, Bernardo Bertolucci.

Remarkable first step for the actor, who gave answer to Louis Garrel and Michael Pitt in this story of twisted love trio, where an American crosses the road to twin movie players in Paris on May 68. About fifteen years later, while the cult film died at the age of 77, actress acted to him The Hollywood Reporter.

picture, Bernardo BertolucciBertolucci on the set of Innocents, with Louis Garrel

Eva Green has written a text, to talk about the director of Last Tango in Paris and 1900 :

"He gave me my first role – I think I was 22 – so I always feel that I owe him everything. I was so fond of Last Tango in Paris – I had the poster in my room – that I wanted more than anything to have the role in his movie. And maybe because it was my first movie, it's probably one of my best experiences. We used to go to the house every weekend, and Bernardo told us anecdotes about the films he made, about music and art in the 60's. He was so kind and generous, a figure in one way or another.

I always called Little Buddah. There was something very wise about him, with his appearance so small and creepy, but sweet. I learned so much from him. He was very open to spontaneity, to the unexpected. For example, we shoot a scene in the kitchen and my hair was burning. And Michael Pitt jumped on me to extinguish the fire. Bernardo continued to film. If you watch the movie carefully, you can see my hair in the fire for a second.

picture, eve greenEva Green, birth

Because it was my first movie, my parents were worried. They thought I would get injured because there were stories of what happened to Maria Schneider about The Last Tango in Paris. But I met Bernardo for the tests and I enjoyed the atmosphere.

I do not want to undermine Maria Schneider's experience. I'm sure she really suffered. But from my own experience he has always been a gentleman. Very respectful. He knew how nervous I was for sex scenes, but never pushed me. He let's do it. There was never anything strange. There are so many more filmmakers – it was just a fantastic person and a maestro."

A tribute as easy as touching Eva Green, who is aware of the director's sulfurous aura, but shares his admiration and respect for an artist who has marked the cinema history with The Conformist, Little Buddha, The last emperor, or A tea in the Sahara.

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