Bernard de la Villardière explains that he has been operated on cancer

adminNovember 27, 2018

MEDIA – "A little health" that did not stop him from going on adventure. Bernard de la Villardière changed his impeccable white shirt to a backpack when attending the "Cape Horn" on the M6, with South Africa exploring Mike Horn.

On the occasion of the presentation of this episode to the press on Tuesday 27 November, the presenter of the magazine "Exclusive Investigation" presented journalists present – and therefore to HuffPost– has been in charge of cancer before leaving the shooting of the show in the Philippines during the winter of 2017.

"I had some health problems a few weeks earlier, I was diagnosed with cancer," he says. "I'm not going to make a story about it because there are hundreds of thousands of people who get cancer every year in France, so that's not exceptional."

However, if Bernard de la Villardière goes quickly on this personal subject, he admits that the period was not easy to manage. "I was afraid for a while, I was out of the woods, and I knew it at that time" of the shooting, testifying to the sexagenarian that has been operated twice. "I was not in the best period of my life with regard to fitness, even though I had recovered my morale a bit hard and scary after a while."

If Bernard de la Villardière provokes this painful moment in turn, he did not want to "communicate" more about his state of health. Treated for a little melanoma (he was removed a piece of his left ear), the journalist when I was able to take full advantage of his trip to the Philippines, to discover soon on the M6.

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