Benefits of exercising intimacy in the winter. Know it … Masrawy

adminNovember 27, 2018


Tuesday 27 November 2018


As the mood and mental mood change between seasons, the desire to practice intimacy varies. Experts say that couples tend to exercise more intimate in winter than in other classes, for reasons such as spending more home together.

What many couples do not know is that you are going to exercise intimacy in the winter, more benefits, we consider them after the location of "popsugar".

1 secretion of the hormone dorphins

The practice of intimacy helps to expose the hormone dorphins, which makes the couple feel happy and overcome the winter depression, especially in women.

2- Improve the immune system

The exercise of intimate couples strengthens the immune system. A study has shown that people exercising three or more times a week are stronger.

3 – Rid of insomnia

Many people in the winter get stressed and anxious, which can damage sleep quality and insomnia, but the exercise of intimacy makes the body relaxed and helps to sleep easily. Studies have shown that intimacy can relax in the nervous system and respiratory tract.

After exercising intimacy, the brain releases sleep-inducing chemicals such as serotonin and opiates that make a person feel comfortable and sleepy.

4 – increase the desire of men in the winter

Experts confirm that the feeling of desire for intimacy increases in men in winter, due to high levels of testosterone during this period due to climate change.

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