Beetles on Michel Houellebecq: He's different

adminJanuary 8, 2019

BOne thing struck me at the wedding of Michel Houellebecq. He was changed when he left the party around the clock in the morning with his wife. He was different. And surely he had forgotten his hat, but at least it had not been necessary to carry him to the taxi, which he had the night before, when he had won Prix Goncourt. So much was certain: he was undoubtedly much better, he had taken a step forward. The most important question that arises when you read "Serotonin", the new novel by the French author, the world's most famous author, is the following: How can a guy who is so fond of life be so desperate? Publish the story? What I can reveal as someone close to him is that Michel Houellebecq has saved his skin. His novel deserves its title because it was started by a toothless creature on the edge of the abyss, and now appears three years later, at a time when his author has married and is happy to have traded his khaki-colored parka for a mouse gray jacket. ,

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