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In an EXCLUSIVE interview with us, WWE superstar Becky Lynch vowed that "nothing", including her broken nose, would stand in her long-awaited match with Ronda Rousey on Sunday. Now the showdown is off.

The pay-per-event event of the WWE Survivors Series on November 18 has just received a great success, as the champion vs. champion showdown has a new line-up. Monday night raw women's champion Round rousey Y Slap women's champion Becky Lynch they were scheduled to face each other in the ring and the battle between the WWE superstars was one of the highlights of the letter. Unfortunately, Becky was involved in a massive fight at the end of RawOn November 12, home edition, he suffered serious injuries to his face and a concussion. She promised us in an EXCLUSIVE interview earlier in the day that "nothing" would prevent her from fighting against Ronda, but now the game is off and Charlotte It will be intervening to replace it.

"Yes, my nose is broken, but I have nothing to worry about, nothing keeps me depressed!" Becky, 31, told us before on November 13 and promised that she would still fight against Ronda despite his injury for an hour, he even thought that his fight with Ronda should be the highlight of the PPV Survivor Series.

"I think a lot of people are going to talk after this weekend … You know, a lot of people are going to talk, let's just say that! Many people have been talking and many people are going to keep talking! the main event of Smackdown, I went to Raw Yesterday and it was the main event of Raw. It should be the main event of everything! "He continued.

On the peak of November 13. SmackDown Live In the Go-Home edition, the announcing team recapped the events of Raw's bloody melee and then said that due to a "broken face" and a severe concussion, Becky could not compete in Sunday's event against Ronda. He then appeared before the crowd with huge bruises on his face and told the audience that he would choose someone who knew "he would do the job" against Ronda and examined the list of possible candidates. He settled in Charlotte and said "go to Ronda as if he were going to beat Ronda" and then gave him a massive hug.


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