Becky Lynch receives Hero's welcome at WWE Hotel After Evolution

adminOctober 30, 2018

In a few months, Becky Lynch has gone from a last-minute idea on SmackDown to the most popular Superstar in WWE. While we're used to being "followers" strictly digital in 2018, Lynch literally has people singing his name on the streets.

After his Evolution victory on Sunday, a militia of Lynch supporters was waiting to greet his Champion at the WWE hotel. A fan captured images of the loaded greeting.

This is another indication that Lynch is currently untouchable. His rise to prominence is one of the best WWE stories and shows no signs of stopping. Beating Charlotte Flair in Evolution seems to guarantee that Lynch will hold his SmackDown Championship for the remainder of 2019, but his next game will be his keeper's biggest one. While titles will not be at stake, Lynch will meet Ronda Rousey in Survivor Series on November 18.

It's a great match for Rousey, too. While his disputes with Stephanie McMahon, Nia Jax, Alexa Bliss and Nikki Bella have been fun, Lynch will mark the first opponent who could steal applause from the former UFC Champion. Rousey will certainly have no shortage of supporters, promising a rare electricity for his Survivor Series showdown.

While Rousey has been fantastic in 2018, his rise to Lynch has been poetic. It seems that all WWE races are subject to cold, hot days, but Lynch had fallen off the map. Despite his difficulty, his fans always stood their ground, so when he built a winning streak earlier this summer and his momentum began to swell up instantly.

Lynch's rise leads to a SummerSlam title opportunity that sets the stage perfectly for a heel spin. While his character is not exactly a hero right now, Lynch's new avant-garde attitude has hypnotized fans.

In an interview with TV Insider, Lynch revealed that his new mojo came from tips that changed his career through Shawn Michaels.

"Things were not going as well as now before he left to shoot, I remember he gave me advice and he said:" When you come back, go as a different person, keep your head a little higher. You're one of the best stars … Go on, I think this is what I've been trying to do since I came back, "he said.

But HBK is not the only icon of the Age of Attitude that has been in Lynch's ear.

"Steve [Austin] He has been very supportive and generous with his time. He talks to me and gives me games to see. That has been wonderful. Then I was with Mick Foley recently and talking to him. He is one of the reasons why I am here today. It was someone who helped me get back into the fight. "I have been very lucky for the support I have received from people who have been here before and have done wonderful things in the business," he said.

Then, Lynch spoke frankly about the arduous journey of returning to the light of the WWE.

"It was amazing, but he's been playing the long game, it was created from as much frustration as a human character, as a person, if you're not in this to be the best and the best dog, then what's the point. It is the same for anything in life There were many times when I felt ignored and you questioned why You are doing everything right, but it is not your time Everything is cyclical WWE in the world Sometimes You feel discouraged and other times you feel discouraged … I felt as if I had been depressed for too long … The crowd felt that they had been depressed for too long, "he said.

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