Becky G, devastated by his grandfather's health, asks the fans to pray for him

adminJanuary 11, 2019

Becky G He is not going through a good time, and he has asked all his followers to pray for his grandfather's health.

Unfortunately, "Lito", which the artist lovingly calls, will undergo surgery due to a sudden heart surgery.

Therefore, the interpreter of No pajamas He has called his millions of fans through a comprehensive text posted on his Instagram account, to send his best vibes and pray for the good recovery of his beloved grandfather.

Along with the sad words, the Regency Donor has also shared a hard image looking at what appears to be a hospital holding Lito's hand.

"Today, my Lito Angel is going to undergo cardiac surgery, it's suddenly, but that's our only hope … I know many of my admirers from the first day I meet Lito, and I've even had the pleasure of meeting this charismatic and sweet soul, "he wrote.

"I pray that he will only thank for a moment in the morning to see the light of a new day, but he also finds in his heart the sending of a little prayer / the most positive vibrations for him and the incredible doctor who does everything they can, whatever you think, all positive thoughts are greatly appreciated, I have faith, I just pray that tomorrow when you thank God for a new day, pray for my grandfather's angel, thank you.

Before the singer's desperate request, her fans have not been slow to turn around and have sent her best wishes to her, as well as endless messages of encouragement and devotion.

"May God bless you and give you the strength to face this step," "I pray to God that the chiefs of the doctors shall be led by him, and that he will do all he wants, everything will be fine because God is great" or " Everything is going to be fine, "some of the comments can be read in the mail Becky G.

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