Be Resistant, Be strong, we will overcome, writes Ayushmann Khurrana wife Tahira when she is fighting for Phase 1a Cancer

adminNovember 29, 2018

tahira kashyap cancer
Tahira Kashyap is married to Bollywood actress Ayushmann Khurrana.

Ayushmann Khurrana wife and actor Tahira Kashyap revealed that she suffered from breast cancer in September this year. She then underwent six sessions of chemotherapy. Now that the actor's director prepares for the next six sessions, she once again shared a long Instagram post she has devoted to her journey while fighting for cancer so far.

Sharing a picture of herself dressed in a T-shirt that reads "F ## K Cancer," Tahira has written, "That's what you do when cancer turns out. It's a tough time to be with, but then I would never have known my own strength, which is inherent in each of us, and as we will know when tested. As I said before, let's choose to be heroes in our own drama of life. "

The 35-year-old continued: "I strongly believe that if an obstacle comes into your life, it's up to you to handle it, overcome it, turn it off and get a better version of yourself, which may be a bit worn out but wanted to be experienced, a little tattered, but more wise, a little left out, but more to bring forward, a little handicapped but better equipped! So now, the upgraded version of myself has to do with cancer stage 1a, which still is a result of early detection. I will go through 12 sessions of chemotherapy. 6 down, and another 6 left. Therefore, the cloak looks like today "

Thanks to her husband Ayushmann, her parents and her friends for their unconditional love and support, Tahira wrote: "This post is dedicated to my journey where half the match is won and the other half I will fight with each of you who hold it. Be Resilient, be strong, we will overcome and how! I also have enormous gratitude for people around me who have taken it in the right spirit and do not give up on me. Personally, I owe it to my best friend @ komal20to77 man @ayushmannk parent @ kashyap6480 @yajankashyap . This bit is taken for granted, but when you are professional, you are supported and still looking reliable, the resistance to fighting is stronger. For this, I'm sorry for @atulkasbekar @ tanuj.garg @findingshanti @ shrutiv11 who was also shocked when they heard the news but did not give up and still bet on this broken but not ruined the horse. Gratefulness 🙏 "

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Tahir used Tahir with the post, saying she was blown, but not broken. In the same way as her previous post, the actor again stressed the spread of breast cancer awareness.

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