Be careful, change! Dorota Nvot does not travel in the room, but on time

adminNovember 29, 2018

We are considering her new album More.

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"I take you to a city where chickens, arranged marriage and thirteen year old brushes are in the middle," says Kathmandu's strong tone, as Dorota Nvot begins on his sixth album.

Many travelers can use this invitation to inspire the atmosphere of a travel search.

You do not have to be wrong. The song, describing the flip side of the capital of Nepal, is just the starting point for the More album.

In fact, he does not call the paths in the room, but on time. She wants to show what she felt and experienced while she was not there. Since she started living in the city "dust, smoke and smog" on Milan with Bratislava.

The newest single belongs to the finest pieces of the material itself, but can not get rid of the special sense of romantic aesthetics for a year of Slovak poprock.

As if the wave of ordinary speaker hearts stepped into his companion Talent Transport.

Turbulent feelings and melodies

Nvot is her own so she is not surprised if every drop Mora is something else.

Unfortunately, in the list of eleven songs, this is mostly the old text, and only in the case of four is the story of the musical event story.

It is worth mentioning postpartum lankoli. That means where the piano does not admit the grief of the ghost, but later with the increasing dynamics of the sporadic mouthpiece, she decides to declare what she really wants in the relationship.

Similarly, it is in the composition of Moscow. First, at a fast pace, it describes the luxurious lifestyle of the Russian capital.

In the middle of the piano song he sets the pace and plays with hints on an Oscar film Moscow tears do not believe (1980). The man in the city under the Kremlin does not believe his smile.

When it detects its inner integrity, the music is monolithic when it repeats. Still, it remains attractive.

For example, the title song is as difficult as the beautiful summer day where the music meditated on the beach. Despite the specified atmosphere, he is more attracted to the detailed text figures and expressions.

The living rhythm exists in the Balkans that stretch Bratislava, where it returns, but it does not remain. When she sang, she does not have a big problem caring for everything that her home city has crippled.

It's also wrong

The rest of the album consists of two songs in English Sail and Cockoo.

Although both have a jazzy touch and somehow massage the hearing, the author makes them unnatural to silence, which is a pity and in the meanwhile she has proven that she is the best when she is herself.

In other cases, cosmetic errors are especially death, and I do not have time that is monotonous, and it depends only on the taste or listener's commitment.

More need not to reject completely. It's a sincere recording, where Dorota Nvot tries to stretch out of the busy hourpiece.

Together with Vladislav "Søn" Šarišský looks for his new opportunities and limits. It does not always conform to the taste of the listeners, but he retains his own artistic purpose. And that's what it's worth today.

Editor rating: 3 stars out of 5

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