Barto's mother eventually spoke: Iveta wanted to divorce … This is her last word!

adminNovember 28, 2018

The light of the world was seen by the book My daughter Iveta, whose co-author is the mistress of Svatava Bartošová. In addition to beautiful memories, she has also shared her perception of the dark side of her life and alcohol problems on the sides of her book.

"Because of her father, she knew what to do with a man and how disgusting it is. But she never felt like an alcoholic, and she drank more and more, and she also took drugs," she said. Mrs. Svatava said that after many years of trouble she could well recognize when Iveta was influenced by alcohol and also that in a small state the singer could never say the words she never knew her own mother.

Svatava Bartošová has decided to talk about the difficult moments of Iveta's daughter.

Barto's mother eventually spoke:

With Josef Rychtář, Iveta apparently wanted to divorce.

Barto's mother eventually spoke:

Strongly, the heart has a mother in law. "In August she married him and jumped during a train in April when she had already agreed to apply for divorce in May? Is it normal?" says Svatava Bartošová in the book. At the same time, she added that for years I felt that Iveta wanted to try something similar.

The report of the suicide of the beloved daughter was reported by Rychtar. Barto's mother finally published the last words she had heard from her daughter. "Mom, I love you, be good and be careful," revealed Svatava, who decided to talk about Ivete this year.

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