Bars for Rares at ZDF: The seller Elisabeth Nüdling has a little secret

adminDecember 31, 2018

Cologne –

What an enrichment Elisabeth Nüdling is for the successful show "Bares for Rares" is obvious. The blonde doesn't just look very good, she also has a doctorate and as a trained art historian knows exactly what she is talking about.

But it is only thanks to the charm and perseverance of moderator Horst Lichter that Nüdling can be seen on the show.

What Many Don't Know: The diamond expert didn't want to participate in the program at all.

Nüdling suggested "Bares for Rares" offer

The first offer struck the beautiful blonde, tough. "It was simply unthinkable for me then. I was too busy at work and family," Nüdling revealed in an interview with Frankfurter Neue Presse.

The art expert still runs an art shop in Fulda together with his mother, Charlotte Nüdling. In addition, she was actually too reserved. She was not the type to search the limelight at all.

Horst Lichter lets his charm play

But then she did not suspect anything about Horst Lichter's beliefs. When Nüdling was at an art fair in Cologne, she again surprised the production group "Bares for Rares".

She was taken away, at least once in the place in the Pulheim factory near Cologne, now that she was already in town.

Noodles with magnifying glass

The 37 year old works as a jewelry retailer and diamond appraiser.

There she met Horst Lichter, who obviously didn't play her second chance with her. "Horst Lichter was added, and it was immediately a warm and friendly atmosphere," recalls the beautiful expert.

That's what Elisabeth Nüling likes about "Bares for Rares"

Since 2017 she is now part of the show and enchanted the audience in selected episodes with their fresh nature and their expertise.

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She did not regret her decision, even though she had to be persuaded a little. Already from the first days of shooting, she reported enthusiastically: "It was really great fun. What I like about this format is that it is fair for all sides, that it conveys values, has a high level and is supported by people and not just for to show them. "


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