Barış Atay to Yılmaz Erdoğan: You are asking for forgiveness for the signature you gave to your profession at the beginning of 40 years.

adminJanuary 11, 2019

Art and culture

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Workers Party of Turkey Peace Parliament artist Atay, for the board issued a statement on the proposal adopted by the cinema "offered in a way that exceeds Purpose," said producer and actor Yilmaz Erdogan responded. Atay, "40 years with a single statement about your profession for the signature of forgiveness, even if you give disguise. Compassion, sin," he said.

The crisis between the cinema producers and the Mars group continued with the parties' joint statements, and the ministry was finally involved.

"Array supports films with qualifications contribute to the international marketing of national culture, increase the competitiveness of the international field of the film industry and become one of Turkey's film production center" objective proposal carries yesterday, National Education, Culture, was adopted by the Youth and Sports Commission.

The Directors have published a paper, including Nuri Bilge Ceylan, Onur Saylak, Canan Gerede, Erden Kiral, Belmin Soylemez, Handan Ozturk, Hüseyin Karabeyi, Pelin Esmer, Yeşim Ustaoglu, Zeynep Dadak, Asli Ozge. rating related connections, the commission suitable, but has not made film commercial circulation and demonstration to be presented & # 39; the abolition of the proposal, to be held in Turkey to support national and film films to be shown at international festivals in the creation of the creation of the film industry members requested the correction of reducing the minority.


But then the statement on the Twitter account that gives a statement about Yilmaz Erdogan, "I see some constructive changes to the proposal – at least I understood it – the purpose is presented in a way that exceeds," he said.

Baris Atay, a member of parliament representing the reaction of Erdogan, said:

"At the beginning of 40 years, you are asking forgiveness for the signature you have written in a single statement of your profession. It is a pity for you, what is it? It is offered in a way that exceeds the maximum."

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