Barbara Schöneberger: Moderator surprised with intimate sexy confession

adminDecember 28, 2018

Hamburg –

Barbara Schöneberger (44) is a phenomenon. The Berliner election has hosted the "NDR Talk Show" for ten years, having since 2015 a women's magazine and recently "barba radio", which can be heard via the app and on the internet.

In the interview with Hamburg "Mopo" she now talks about Instagram filters and why she likes to have cool clothes.

She tries to age with great reassurance, explains the 44-year-old of the newspaper. "Because I think it would be cowardly to get out of this way," she says. "When I see some colleagues on Instagram, I think sometimes," Where can you buy these high quality filters that make every penny and pore disappear? "

"I think I'm better now than 20 years ago"

For them, such filters would not be anything. "Because if the discrepancy between what I really look like and how I present myself in the media is getting bigger and bigger, it gives crazy pressure," says Schöneberger. : First, I'm fitter, and second, I've come more with me. "

"I want to be beautiful, I want to be sexy"

She always did her thing, then the presenter. "And if I had the opportunity to put on a cool dress, which is usually sexy, then I did it and still do it. I don't feel when the men look at me. I want to be beautiful, I want to be sexy, I will be a good housewife and a horny bride and everything in between. "

Honestly, Mrs Schöneberger!


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