Barbara Schöneberger and Günther Jauch at "2018 – The Quiz" TV

adminDecember 28, 2018

We have never seen Günther Jauch!

On Thursday evening, talk show host Frank Plasberg (61) presented an annual review of the game for the eleventh time.

But on the show, much more than just brains and good memory were needed: celebrities had to show their full physical strength!

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Photo: Horst Galuschka / picture alliance

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Candidates: Elyas M & # 39; Barek (36), Jan Josef Liefers (54), Barbara Schöneberger and Günther Jauch (62)Photo: Horst Galuschka / picture alliance

"I look like Kermit the Frog", the 62-year-old boy complained that he slipped into the bright green competition suit. And his long limbs were actually destroying him on the ice.

While his opponents apparently slid effortlessly through the course and all reached the finish line in less than 30 seconds, the presenter lost twice his balance on his skates and eventually ended on all fours.

"That's what I do here every year", Barbara Schöneberger could barely stay away from laughing.

Fortunately, not only was the time important in this game. Ice Queen Katarina Witt (53) had come to judge the attitudes, elegance and grace of the participants. It was exactly what Jauch had set: "I was full of B-class," the quizmaster said in a snap.

And with his idiosyncratic performance, he could impress several Olympic champions. "The highest character I want to give Jauch," lo Witt, "it was really choreography in between, he even invented a new element: the double Kermit!"

This allowed Jauch to earn 500 extra euros, which did not help him in the end, but to win. Mark Elyas M & # 39; Barek! Proud 16,000 euros he earned for the good cause.

Jauch landed right behind with € 15,500, Barbara Schöneberger came to € 14,400 and Jan Josef Liefers, who had won four times in recent years, had to pay for the last place.

But at least 11,000 euros went to a nonprofit organization – and that was the most important thing in the end!

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