Bárbara Sánchez becomes mother – Scoop

adminJanuary 8, 2019

The animator made the announcement through Instagram.

Cheerleader Bárbara Sánchez announced that she will be the mother for the second time.
This was made known by Instagram. A social network where she is known as Amazing Barbara.
On a photograph with her husband Carlos Velázquez and her eldest daughter "Barbarita", the cheerleader launched the information.
"The best way to celebrate our tenth anniversary," he wrote on his account.
In addition to her daughter, known as Amazing Barbarita, is going to be the older sister.
Her husband, who on Instagram is @Elenecio, said "And @amazingbarbarita asked! And what is this hairy little thing? When he echoed his little brother! I know she will be the happiest elder sister in the universe and we the most loving thank you for your good wishes!

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