Barbara Borges testifies to alcoholism – a television

adminJanuary 9, 2019

Brazilian actress Bárbara Borges shared with her successors her "story" in the fight against alcoholism. It was through a very long text that the actor met on the question, and revealed details of the addiction that "fed" her and which she has attempted to distinguish four months ago.

"The relationship she had with alcohol, which has evolved into exaggeration, not" match ", is no longer compatible with Barbara now. Was it hard to see this? Fooooooi! A fight! A real fight with myself!" read.

The actor says it was the social habits that made her drink and feed her body with alcohol. "Because this relationship was developed far beyond the social habit of" drinking a beer "," drinking a little wine "to enter, but trying to fill voids, to forget heart pain, to numb, not to feel. More I expect in my own knowledge study, the more I associate with the divine, the more I understand that life is about loving and feeling, and I am still stuck.

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