Banksy's painting was destined to be crushed completely.

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Banksy reveals that the frame he made to destroy his painting "Girl with Balloon" worked successfully during the practice races before it ended at the Sotheby's auction house.

Screenshot of the video by Bonnie Burton / CNET

Art is subjective. And the art jokes are even more mysterious, especially when the famous street artist Banksy is behind everything.

On October 6, just after the Sotheby's auction ended with Banksy's painting "Girl With Balloon" earning an impressive $ 1.4 million (approximately £ 1.04 million), the self-shredded art piece Through an intelligent mechanism embedded in the frame by the artist.

However, we now know that a fault occurred and that the crushing machine stopped midway through the process. According to a new video published by Banksy, Banksy intended that the entire painting, and not half, be destroyed when the shredder activated the paper shredder when it fell at the end of the winning bid.

In the video "Crushing the girl and the balloon – Half cut Director" published on Banksy's YouTube channel on Wednesday, it is revealed that the crushing mechanism worked perfectly during other practice races. The video says: "In the trials it worked every time".

Although the images presented in the new video show that Banksy (or someone from his camp) was at the auction when the destruction occurred, the video also says: "Some people think they did not really do it. They think that the auction house was inside, they were not. "

Sotheby's also issued a statement saying that "they had no prior knowledge of this event and were not involved in any way," but not everyone is convinced.

Art lovers continue to spread the theories that Sotheby's own auction house was in jest. This is especially curious, since Sotheby's employees immediately took the art to half-pull the wall and took it to another room away from prying eyes.

Now, a week later, the same piece of art "Girl With Balloon" has a new name (approved by Banksy) – "Love is in the trash"- according to a Sotheby's announcement on October 11.

"It's a different work from the one that appeared in the catalog, but nonetheless, it's an intentional work of art, not a destroyed painting," Sotheby's spokeswoman told The Art Newspaper on Wednesday.

Perhaps in the end, the real story is not that Banksy destroyed his painting, but ended up creating a new work of art, after all, even when it was not completely as planned.

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