Banksy says that the partial fragmentation of the '& # 39; balloon's paint it's a mistake

adminOctober 18, 2018

Banksy posted a new video on his website on Tuesday, implying that the partial destruction of his "Girl With Balloon" at an auction in London was supposed to be complete.

The video shows the famous anonymous artist who builds the shredding mechanism within an ornate frame and presses a button on a black box to trigger destruction at Sotheby's in London earlier this month. The act surprised the crowd, but the winning bidder, a European collector, went ahead and bought it anyway for $ 1.4 million, according to the auction house.

Sotheby's did not name the buyer.

The partial fragmentation attracted speculation that the act was a trick to increase the value of the painting of a girl looking for a red balloon in the shape of a heart. The canvas was crushed just above the girl's head, leaving the balloon intact. The end of the new video notes: "In the trials always worked …" Then it shows a complete crushing of the same design.

The nearly 3-minute video is titled, "Destroy love, cut the director." He shows hands and a hooded figure (Banksy loves hoodies) building the mechanism in a studio space, then wraps around Sotheby's exterior before the auction. The people swirling around drinking champagne and nibbling hors d'oeuvres are the following, including some standing in front of the painting.

The auction and partial crushing are shown, as well as the work that is removed from the wall at Sotheby's and takes place outside the room.

Banksy has never revealed his complete identity. He began his career in aerosol painting in Bristol, England, and has become one of the best known artists in the world. His naughty and often satirical images include two kissing policemen, riot police with yellow smiley faces and a chimpanzee holding a sign that says, "Laugh now, but one day I'll be in charge."

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His "Girl with a Balloon" was originally recorded on a wall in East London and has been reproduced infinitely, becoming one of Banksy's best-known images.

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