Banksy says that his shattered joke failed: "In the trials it always worked"

adminOctober 18, 2018

LONDON – When the $ 1.4 million artwork began to pass through a crusher hidden in its frame, gasps were heard in the auction room. Around half, the crushing stopped suddenly and the top of "Girl With Balloon" seemed to have been saved.

But that pardon, according to Banksy, the street artist who created the work, and who organized the joke to destroy it, was not planned. In a clip posted on YouTube on Wednesday, Banksy suggested he intended the painting to be completely destroyed at the auction in London on October 5, but that the plan had been thwarted when the crusher unexpectedly got stuck.

In the clip, called "Crush the love", is shown to a man constructing the frame, with the face hidden by a hooded sweatshirt. "In the trials it worked every time", says a subtitle. The video then shows a copy of "Girl With Balloon" being completely crushed as it slid out of the frame.

The copy in the clip seems to have been printed on paper, while the "Girl with Balloon" that was sold at the auction was painted with spray on canvas, a harder material, which may explain why the shredder failed. Joanna Brooks, the director of JBPR, who answered questions from the media on behalf of Banksy, did not respond to phone calls or an email asking if the tests had been done in hard copies.

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