Banksy exhibition canceled on Strokar Inside: "Not easy to pay back" visitors

adminNovember 27, 2018

As the works of the Banksy exhibition have been sequestrated, it has been closed to the public since Thursday 22 November. But the activity of Strokar Inside, the ideal organization that rented part of its place for the German organizer, continues.


There is no more Banksy exhibition
says Alexandra Lambert from Strokar Inside. This event was organized by a German company, "On Entertainment", which rented a part of our room. When we learned through a formal message from an English law firm that there was a legal problem with this exhibition hosted in our premises, we were forced to respond. "

Steve Lazarides, former Banksy agent and designer of the exhibition, as well as the owners of some of the exhibits, claim that the German organizer was not allowed to mount this event in Brussels and that the problems with the society on entertainment would have started as soon as the exhibition arrived in Berlin.

Captured between two fires, the non-professional organization Strokar Inside chose to take the lead by putting the works in shelter. After an urgent request to the Commercial Court, she realized that the works were put in reception.
"On Thursday, two users joined three people who specialized in the transport of artwork, to continue packing and termination."

Not easy to get a refund

Apparently, it was not good, the German organizer also made the trip. So much that the police were called on site to ensure a smooth operation of the business. Since the exhibition is closed, which is not without problem for the amateurs who had bought their ticket on the internet.
"We can only send them back to the German organizer since it is from him that the entire booking system depends. The problem is that Friday, the lawyer" Entertainment "has come back and made sure that all this should be resolved in two or three days and that The exhibition should be reopened. As is not the case at all. "

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