"Bandersnatch" on Netflix: You never find this secret end without help

adminJanuary 8, 2019

Those who still haven't heard of "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch" have probably spent coma in the last few weeks or lived in the hole. The last part of the successful series "Black Mirror" is discussed in all online forums and on all social media, because "Bandersnatch" is not just a movie where the viewer sits down and throws some online shopping: The innovative streaming hit expects from the audience as he decides by pressing a button, as it continues with the story of Stefan Butler.

This is not only exciting, but also incredibly nerve-wracking – and this editorial can say that at the end of the movie you feel like you just have a mental marathon. Although the possibilities of the film are not endless, they are many, and while some decision-making processes go into virtual dead ends, which one finally finds in the same fork, not all viewers will see the same end.

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Most people just hear the beep for unpleasant sounds – but there's more to it

How brilliant the "Bandersnatch" maker really is, you see, if you look at, with which attention to detail decision-making structures are constructed. Some viewers have now opened a path that leads the user directly into another world. So there is an end that shows Stefan back on the bus from the beginning. But instead of holding two cartridges where the viewer has to decide on one, Stefan holds his "Bandersnatch" game in his hand. He plays it, making some pretty unpleasant sounds.

You might think it was, but nothing there: While most experienced the sounds as a simple beep, someone came up with the idea that this could be computer noise. Since Stefan works in the movie on a ZX Spectrum computer, they hunt the sounds through a ZX Spectrum emulator and watch and watch: a mythical QR code appeared.

If you scan this, you will be taken to the Tuckersoft website (the company Stefan develops his game in the movie is also in reality), where some of the games appear. Especially cool: One of them, the user can even download and play – "Nohzdyve", the game Colin developed at the beginning of the movie. But then warns, "Be careful, you can depend on improving your score."

"Nohzdyve" is played as Colin designer for Tuckersoft in the movie

"Bandersnatch": How to get to the QR code

Fortunately, the American site "The Wrap" even went into trouble finding out which decisions to make before returning to the bus:

Sugar Puffs
Thompson Twins
The Bermuda Triangle
Yell on dad
To Dr. Haynes goes
Pull on the ear
Follow Colin
Rinse the toilet
Notch on the table
Take the book
Tipping tea over the computer
Who is there?
Attempts to explain
Tell me more
Fuck Yes
Fight her
Look him in the balls
Who is there?
White Bear Icon
Chop the body
Destroy the computer
Get rabbit from dad
White Bear Icon
Chop the body
Destroy the computer
Get rabbit from dad

Is it easy to remember – right?

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