Bad Bunny sums up his album alive on Instagram

adminDecember 26, 2018

The popular performer of the Bad Bunny trap summed up his first production "X100 Pre" on Christmas Eve during a live performance from his Instagram account.

The so-called Bad Rabbit confessed that he listens every day to the album of 15 songs, which includes three collaborations with Drake, Diplo and El Alfa, which premieres on the Streaming platforms on December 24th.

"(This album) was made with my taste, as if I was a fan of me, I listen to it every day … I don't listen to my own songs, I sing them on performances, on weekends, and one comes to your house and continue to listen to them, it does not fight, this album relies on me, it has me "juckeao & # 39;" He expressed Bad Bunny by naming Chambea as one of his songs he sings in his spare time.

Bad Bunny began summarizing the origins of his songs with "Ni bien ni mal", a topic that produced Alex Killer (Joseph Negrón) with the track created by Tainy (Marco Masís).

"I brought it in recently in Argentina, before" We're fine. "It took us a while because we were looking for the perfect sound," he said before showing the video of the song on his TV, giving him a massage.

At & # 39; 200 miles & # 39; Benito Martínez Ocasio indicated that the song was born while driving a watercraft for the first time in Ibiza during his European trip.

"I am not a" fiebrú ", I am not a speed lover, I do not like cars, but I drove a jet ski and it felt very good, it is not as if they should go 200 miles, but it felt very fast, you go the most. (As I ran) the choir came to mind, I invented the choir without clue ", He summed up the idea that the product made him and DJ Diplo.

During life that reached about 33,000 views, Bad Bunny did not mention Ricky Martin during the description of the single & # 39; Caro & # 39; where a brief intervention from the Puerto Rican star is heard.

"This is one of my favorite themes," flow "is unique and different, it is a topic that makes up many things, it seems like a regular boundary, but the one who took the meaning is about the value of one as a person, no matter what they are your taste or faith (one is expensive) If you have a million dollars in your bank account and it is zero, you are still valuable, no matter who you are, regardless of your sexual orientation ", he explained.

On the part of Ricky Martin's intervention, he said that the choir should "sing it well in a bar"

Bad Bunny did not associate the child's disappearance Rolandito Salas Jusino in 1999 with the song & # 39; RLNDT & # 39; lyrics that occurred when he was once in his life that he felt "happy". He dedicated it to people suffering from depression.

"It's one of the personal issues I've done in my career, I was on autopilot, the project I did was derived, it became a job and the music was made for fun, I repeated the issues and I set limits, they set limits for me , "he said.

"Who are you?" It is for those who criticize it. The video of the song was recorded at El Diamante gym in Cupey, where boxer Félix Verdejo coaches.

"If I didn't get the music, I'd be world champion," Bad Bunny joked at the pictures where he hit a sack.

In "We Must Talk", the song was born of a tweet he wrote in his old account.

"It's a fun story, I wrote" we need to talk ", a ca … I said" I hope it's a theme ", whoever was, thanks for the idea, I kept thinking when I read what he wrote and I went automatically I'm crazy to sing it live. "

"Another night in Miami" is a subject for his writings, and he had long been with him

"It's one of my favorites throughout my life, and I finally got the opportunity to present them to you on my plate."

For & # 39; Ser Bichote & # 39; went Bad Bunny to producer LZ to record the track.

"He's one of the hardest producers right now, he's like he's hidden, he doesn't give him the credit he deserves, if you want to hear advanced and different, he's the right man," he said.

"I've always wanted to be a bichote, this powerful guy respected, what I want to be is a" bichote "of music, it's a joke, one is a tough guy in what he does and is called" bichote, "he said. The word associated with a person handling drug claims.

The birth of Solo de Mí, the theme he used to call to stop macho violence, was in a shower in Miami.

"I was very happy because I finished the album and started singing in the shower, there was a lightning bolt that hit my head, I started repeating it so I wouldn't forget … the message was short but precise so that it would stay in my followers, "he admitted.

On lack of cooperation on his album, Bad Bunny indicated that he wanted to present himself as an artist.

"I've already done a lot of collaboration, and people wanted to listen to me, how on a record I've taken time, crazy to get out, should I fill it with cooperation?" he asked.

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