Back Streets Watch – Watch the series with Channel D

adminDecember 28, 2018

Aylin is after a difficult mission! Back with the new part of Friday at 20:00 on the channel D!

Nizam wants money to get rid of Hakan. The team decides to take the money. Aylin wants to take the money himself. The team is committed to doing so. Aylin arrives on the boat as described. The team also has observations as customers. Aylin brings the news that the man in the apron jumps to the sea. Now it becomes more difficult to reach Aylin.

Hüsnü and Meryem are very close. They have a nice day together. Hüsnü invites Mary to her home for the new year. What is the answer from the house to the invitation? A bank named Taylan entered the bank as a customer and reached the vaults after waiting for everyone to go home. When security opens the bank, it meets Taylan. Taylan kills security. He was wounded. Ekrem Karaca also comes to the stage. Mesut old intelligence. Mesut do not like each other. The documents stolen from the vault were written by the names of the former intelligence officers and their families. Mesut and his relatives have big problems.

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