Bachelor takes cover: knockout in around twelve

adminJanuary 9, 2019

1533635.jpg "src =" "/></source></source></picture><figcaption><p class=Minus one, plus one – Bachelor lacks a woman, but he also wins one to choose from.


Towel war, Individual training and foreign objects: At the end of the first bachelor week shot, a Radpolet 90-60-90 scratch brush far beyond the target.

The first Zickenzoff, the first basket and a new competitor: After the slightly poor kick-off last week, it is time for the first time in the Mexican bachelor's paradise right to the start of the offensive date.

But one after another: Before the start signal for the opening So-ticke-ich-really round sounds, the ladies delight the sight of bachelor in daylight. And this one really does, because Rosenavalier Andrej not only bursts with the door into the house, but greets in style, walks in James Bond's footsteps, from a helicopter's cockpit circling around the ladies.

Jennifer seems to throw the most eye-catching sparkle on Cupid in the clouds. The reward: the first single date; Short-term flight over Mexico's coastline is included. But neither the bachelor nor his short-haired companion really goes on. Still miles away from striking glances and first kiss attacks, the first intense encounter between man and woman revolves around deceased relatives and pointed knees.

One afternoon with tequila poisoning

1533640.jpg "data-src =" "class =" lazyload "/></picture><figcaption><p class=Yikes! Evanthia pillows only towels!

(Photo: MG RTL D)

The two following group freedoms are spreading in terms of passion and Kuschelheiß hunger in just as many sparks as a table work from the volcano. Neither a sweaty hour in Muckibude nor an afternoon of tequila poisoning still brings the most of the Mach-ich-echt-beim-bachelor program? Mode that presents waitresses, refugees and service assistants on tours.

Only Haudrauf hare Isabell mucked between steel dumbbells and sandbag a bit. Full of her element, using Playboy Scratch Brush with penchant for particularly tough boys, using the first verbal livery hook to bachelor: "If you want, I'll show you how to get a proper headdress," Andrei's ear will ring.

But not only bachelor, so many sweaty competitions in Ladys Villa are in Ausabradius Isabell rather cover. "If they now steal my towels from the room, I shut them down", it sounds from the 5-star hostel on the beach in Los Cabos. What is meant is to be erotic radio playwright Evanthia, who actually dares to claim one of the approx. 500 bath towels that have been collected in the villa for themselves. Of course, not at all. Hello? Towel! Absolutely important!

"If I want something, I fight for it"

1533618.jpg "data-src =" "class =" lazyload "/></picture><figcaption><p class=The fact that Nathalia is now involved in Bachelor's Villa, finds the other ladies quite mediocre.

Not so important, but not without, is the sudden appearance of new arrival Nathalia. The burning Brazilian import in a totally sparkling look puts the cards right on the table: "I know why I am here, so if I want something, then I fight for it."

Well, what Nathalia wants, but everyone else wants. Just before the second night of the decision, especially the friend Stefanie is highly rated in the bachelor's degree. In traditional dance before the distribution of roses, the cheerful nature of Cologne is very close to Andrei's hips.

At least burn in the kitten Isabell the latest backups. In the border conflict Twerkevirktion, the kickbox expert wavers over the dance floor and bares with the pearly white bitter: "I thought it was said that the bachelor is looking for a wife and not, bachelor is looking for a farmer," Isabell says.

The first rose basket

1533627.jpg "data-src =" "class =" lazyload "/></picture><figcaption><p class=Isabell and Andrej – it won't work.

(Photo: MG RTL D)

Half an hour and three Piccolos later, the nasty real estate agent has finally finished. No guy in the beginning who would knock for them, get few towels within reach and a "farmer's wife" who comes closer and closer to the bachelor: Isabell steps on the refusal brake and "hands" the smart Andrej the first rose basket in the still young season.

Out is the mouse. Knockout in around twelve. The short-term bachelor just shakes. Must go on, after all. And then the glasses are stretched to the sky. Prösterchen, ladies! What an exciting new week! Anyone else who wants to dance? Well then: Go for it!

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